Finally A Complete Advanced Blackjack Methodology For The Serious Player  2017 Release!!!

This approach was painstakingly developed through years of casino play by real PLAYERS, not book writers, system hucksters or computer programmers.  The Course will provide you with all the tools and insight needed to become a polished player. Learn how to turn the casino tactic of card clumping against the house.  Learn the secrets that real professional players understand.

The advanced card play and betting tactics detailed in this Comprehensive Home Study Blackjack Course will elevate your play to World Class Level !

Dr. M Gorden (MN) “There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive material available and covers all facets of the game. I strongly recommend the course.” 


Precision Blackjack Manual:  comprehensive 116 page “Blackjack College Of Knowledge” loaded with money management, advanced card play, advanced betting tactics and much more.

AND  You’ll receive these supplemental course components and updates:

No Hole Card Ploy: A handy tool to employ in casinos where the dealer does not take a “hole” card.

Loss Terminator Tactic: A disciplined style of play to employ so effective it can be used as a stand-alone method. Very good for selective “High Stakes” play.

The Rating Advantage: A major casino pit boss reveals how an average player can get comps like the high rollers! Right from the man who decides who gets what and when.

Wes Victors (IL) “PBJ is, by far, the most complete package of Blackjack info available. If anyone plays this game they have to see the viability of the method. Just the information involving double – downs and splits are worth the cost of the course.” 

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